Success stories of companies with BUD

Launched a brand / Established annual sales marketing strategy.

Media PR (Reporters Management / Press Release Writing & Distribution / Broadcasting / Planning Press, etc.)

Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimization: SEO / Viral Marketing / Operating Facebook and Instagram Accounts)

Planning and operation for launching events, etc.

Video Production/Releases for Viral marketing online

Community Management and Viral Marketing

Official Facebook / Instagram account operation

Search Optimization (SEO) for Korean Portal Site, Naver

Execution of precision targeted ads on Facebook

Creative content planning and production

Promotion Strategies for Pre-Event Marketing/After an Events

Press Release Creation and Distribution

Planning Public Relations

Create and release online ads contents 

Contact the newspaper/ broadcasting organization & Support broadcast coverage

Viral marketing to engage on-site customers 

Post/write columns and articles

Execution of precision targeted ads on Instagram.

Celebrity Product Placement Marketing

KakaoTalk Plus Friend Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Search Ads on the Korean Portal Site, Naver

Viral marketing online

Search engine exposure marketing on Naver

Public Relations etc..

Operating official Facebook/Instagram accounts

Search engine exposure marketing on Naver

Operating official Naver Blogs, channels on Youtube.

Viral marketing online

Marketing Consulting

Public Relations etc.

Major overseas media including Reuters.

10 leading IT press companies in China

10 major media in Vietnam